Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness based interventions are having a renaissance in western health and education settings. For example mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR), and mindfulness based cognitive therapy (MBCT). Mindfulness means to be attentive continuously to your current experience. It is the single most powerful tool to assist you in your psychological wellbeing and is a component of all my services. A minimum of three training sessions with completed 15 minute take home activities is all you need to gain immediate rewards and boost your wellbeing and happiness quota.

The term mindfulness has become a fashionable clique in recent years. While it is great that mindfulness is becoming main stream, there has been a dilution of this powerful skill into a simple technique or tool. It is actually much more than this, it is the doorway to insight into how we create our personal reality. As a practitioner & teacher of mindfulness I meet the ongoing good practice competency guidelines of a commitment to a personal mindfulness practice through both a daily formal and informal practice as well as participation in annual intensive residential teacher-led mindfulness meditation retreats.  This provides the depth of personal practice and understanding required to teach all the components of mindfulness.

Mindfulness has proved to be beneficial to people suffering from depression and other wellbeing challenges. This is because once you reach the intermediate mindfulness skill level you will be able to reduce or even eliminate the negative thinking, judgement, self criticism, shame and guilt which are powerful drivers of depression. Your depression severity and frequency will reduce, your gratitude quota will increase and you will feel more at peace and happier.

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