Reiki Arts

Reiki is a Japanese word simply meaning “Universal Life Energy” and can best be described as a natural wellbeing process that is practiced through a laying on of hands touch therapy.  According to popular tradition Reiki was rediscovered by Dr Usui who was a Japanese minister. He investigated the traditional laying on of hands healing practice. A Reiki treatment is usually for one hour and is conducted fully clothed while lying under a warm blanket on a massage therapy table. In my 14 years of practicing Reiki I have found that the healing benefits of Reiki are primarily emotional and psychological. It is now well documented that stress and negativity contribute to dis-ease and as Reiki assists with reducing these it can be a useful tool to contribute to overall wellbeing. In our western culture many people are isolated and touch starved, and Reiki like massage, can assist meeting a basic human need for safe caring touch, even when self administered. It is also a useful enhancer for people receiving therapeutic treatments whether of a physical or psychological nature. Treat yourself today, or gift a friend a treatment.

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