Individual Counselling

Are you struggling, stressed out, dealing with a sensitive issue, and need an impartial sounding board? Or maybe you want some assistance to resource yourself better through a challenging time of change or loss. Do you want to develop healthy ways of supporting yourself?  Is it time to be kinder on yourself?  Is it proving hard to stop thinking and worrying ? Is life getting our of balance?  Are you down and loosing interest in things you once loved? These are some experiences that counselling can you assist with. I will sit along side you and initially assist you to explore, clarify and set some goals according to your needs. In phase two we will develop an action a plan to help you regain perspective and get to where you want to be.








I have specialist training for a number of issues. These include recovering from depression, where many of my clients choose not to take anti depressants. I was a senior member of the team that first delivered the Ministry of Health’s National Depression Initiative. I also have training or experience in grief and loss, mental health, addiction (including substances, nicotine and alcohol), stress, relationships, self esteem, workplace issues, eating disorders and fertility issues.

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