Being a teenager is an awesome time to explore life and learn stuff and be you.  It brings opportunities and BIG challenges, some of the biggest you will face in your life. Do you feel the adults around you don’t get it! Are you needing more independence from your family?  Is there hard stuff happening with your friends or at school? What’s it like going to parties and being around drugs and alcohol?  Are your parents putting you in the middle of their stuff?  I have supported to many your people going through this kind of stuff.  Grab a mate and come and have a chat, or a walk on the beach, or lets throw a ball around at the park. It can be as low key and informal as you want, or not. It’s all up to you. You also decide how much you involve your family. The only limits around that are about keeping you and your mates safe.

I find young people enjoy creative approaches using drama and art and small group work with the support of a  friend or two. It can be an exciting and challenging time of self discovery and learning about relationships, and managing new freedoms while keeping safe, happy and healthy.

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