It takes courage to come to a counsellor and you need to feel comfortable.  My goal is for you to feel safe and to get to where you want to be. I am a professional member of the New Zealand Counsellors Association with 20 years experience on a wide range of issues.   I  have counselled people from different cultural backgrounds internationally while using a research based best practice approach. I prefer to incorporate mindfulness.

Individual Counselling

I provide a safe space for you to talk about what is bothering you. You will be listened to attentively and not judged. We will work in partnership to assist you to increase your awareness and make meaningful creative responses to the challenges you face.


Men’s Counselling

I have also worked with hundreds of men over the years who are making positive changes and facing the unique demands of manhood with courage. Some of the issues I have assisted with: Up-skilling for parenting, expressing emotions positively, managing stress and addictive patterns, adjusting to change in employment and relationships, coping with depression and mental health challenges, career or workplace challenges and change management, transitioning from education to the workforce, the healing of father issues and historical abuse. I am grateful to my male mentors who have given me so much, my hope is to pass a little of their wisdom on. I am privileged to have three amazing adult sons in my life. Caleb, Reuben and Hamish.

Relationship  Counselling

Relationship counselling is about self and other; needs and connection, intimacy and solitude, trust and values, forgiveness and generosity of spirit.  Relationships need reinvigorating. Changes require negotiation and adjustment. I have the impartiality and advanced training in communication models to assist to navigate your journey.


Family Counselling

As an experienced and trained family therapist I assist families and blended families to face challenges, adjust to change and meet the needs of everyone in the family. I have extensive experience working with families containing young children and teenagers.

Teenager Counselling

With 15 years experience as a high school counsellor in 5 schools I have worked with hundreds of teenagers. I also have an expert knowledge of the school system and have liaised for many high school students and their families who have found themselves in conflict with the board of trustees. Issues include friends, depression, bullying, teacher conflict, pregnancy, drug, alcohol and tobacco addiction, suicide, grief, loss, anger management, study motivation & careers.

Children’s Counselling

I have worked with children from the age of 5 upwards who have not been coping with school or family life. Often children from blended or separated families.  I have also worked with children who are in the care of state agencies or who have been affected by family violence. I have been trained and accredited to provide family safety assessments under the Ministry of Justice protocols while working within the Family Works Central Office. I think it is important to work transparently in close partnership with parents and caregivers . The main approach I use with children is play therapy and art therapy based on attachment models.


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