New class has started at Shambhala Loka Karikari Peninsula Far North, 7pm, Thursdays $10. Multiclass cards available.

I am a qualified yoga instructor and have trained to an advanced level in the yoga arts in NZ, Australia and India.  Building on my International Yoga Teachers Diploma with some training in the Iyengar and Satyananda styles I developed BuddhaYoga© with emphasis on non-dual mindfulness. I offer classes and personalised lessons.

Meditation at Sunset

I also have a post graduate health science qualification from the University of Auckland. I follow and teach a wellness promoting lifestyle that incorporates ethics, a researched cleansing diet, super-supplements, hyper-oxygen therapy, stretchNrelax©, and mindfulness cultivation. I offer personalised non-sectarian, non religious yoga therapy consults to assist you in your journey to wellness or recovery from dis-ease. I also offer further training for yoga teachers.

As you can see yoga is about much more than stretching; although stretching on the mat is often the doorway into the yoga universe.

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