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Hi, I am Ananda a counsellor, teacher and health professional passionate about wellbeing. I can assist you to enhance your wellbeing by improving your health, relationships and sense of purpose. I offer treatments & training in various modalities in Wellington & Kapiti. 


Agnidev Ananda

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My services include:


I offer children’s counselling, teenager counselling, men’s counselling, couple counselling, and family counselling (Family Therapy). My training includes Psychodrama, Gestalt, Family Therapy, Attachment and Mindfulness based approaches. 

Mindfulness Coaching

While beginners mindfulness delivers immediate benefits, training to an intermediate level will give you the tools to take charge of your mental health. 

Reiki Treatment & Training

Reiki is wonderfully relaxing and restorative and I recommend Reiki training as a powerful self nurturing tool.

Yoga Arts

I provide coaching, training, workshops and classes in the system I have developed called BuddhaYoga©.  As a non-religious non sectarian postmodern approach to yoga it is suitable for all types of people to balance up your life, keep fit and healthy and dive into the deeper existential issues of human life. 

Supervision, Coaching & Facilitation

As an experienced therapeutic and educational group facilitator and supervisor I assist people and groups in their professional and personal development.

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